Lions Breath Carts

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Lions Breath Cart

Lions breath  cart are one of the leading vape selling shops in the USA. They produce their cart from organic buds. They have highly qualified expert Budtenders who select high-quality weed for the cart.

The cart comes with a black box; the box has a silver logo of their brand as the lion. Inside the pack, there is another pack which you can only find in the real lion carts. The pack inside the main box contains the cart. The Lion Cart Comes with a similar CCell and Code mark like other Carts.

The mouthpiece has got a ceramic coil which helps to keep the cart liquid for a long time. The lion carts have a large verity of flavors. The THC level in the cart is up to 80-90%. The Liquid inside the cart doesn’t look so thick at all. It has a watery consistency. If you take a few hit from the cart for several second, you can feel the good stuff very well.

Lions Breath carts | Get the Real Lions Breath Carts

Lion Breath carts is a cannabis cartridge manufacturer company named after the Yoga name Lion Breath. In First few years of this cart. It was a black market cart; the company didn’t have a website back then. People started to question their existence and ownership. Recently The Cart came out as a good brand and showing It’s quality.

lions breath cart

Lions Breath cart quality

Lion breath cart is made with top-notch cannabis extract and distilled with proper safety. The Legit lion breath never disappoints its customers. A few small hits will make you high. You can enjoy and play with the stars in the sky sitting in the backyard of your house.

It’s not just a typical cart it is your trip to the stars. The cart has high levels of THC; that’s why doctors suggest its medical use. People who are suffering from anxiety, high blood pressure, Hyper Activity Disorder can feel better using this cannabis extract with their physician’s advice.


Lions Breath Cart Flavors

Lion breath carts have their extensive collection of flavored lions breath cartridges Strawberry Cough, Jack Herer, Durban Poison, Sativa, Super Lemon Haze, Sour Diesel, Blueberry OG, Blue God are popular lion cart flavors.

lions breath cart


Buy Lions Breath carts Real Vs Lions breath carts fake

Lion breath carts real were in the black market for a very long time. As a result, the company Have seen some cheap copy cats named lion breath carts fake on the market. Those products are destroying real lion breath’s brand value.

Lion breath Carts are recently available in some shops. It is better to buy it from a trusted seller. There are so many fake products out there with this same name, so it’s dangerous to buy the fake one. Lion carts recently got their web site you can order from their official site here. The Lion Cart price start’s at 25$. Now the consumers can easily verify the product legitimacy from lion cart website; using their barcodes.

There is plenty of fake product out in the market. Those are harmful to health, as those don’t have any claimed ownership. So,  Nobody is going to take the blame for any damage. Cannabis activists should take stand against them by making people more aware of fake black market carts.


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